sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2009

Briefing. How to make one?

Writing a briefing is something that generates lots of discussions for lots of reasons. The ultimate one is that this is the document that kicks off a series of activities and thoughts possible to exist in an agency for a new campaign. A bad-done briefing means nobody understanding the real problem to be solved. A misunderstood briefing means not impacting the target audience the way it should. I myself have already written about briefings, such a big document that I promise to be on this blog in chapters someday. For now I want to offer a link of an Australian professional’s blog, named Andy Eklund, who felt like writing about it. There’re good tips, along with the comments on LinkedIn on it. As there’s neither form nor mould, a briefing is always polemic and never conclusive – any idea is welcome, since it doesn’t sound repetitive though. Click on this link and tell me what you thought of it. See also other of Andy’s texts, as they are all worthy:

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